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Our patients and their humans are the very heart of our business. Our goal is to empower our clients to make compassionate and educated decisions for their pet’s wellbeing.

We strive to improve the health and vitality of each individual pet and work with the pet owner as a team to make the best health and medical decisions possible.

We welcome input and questions from our clients and in return are committed to honesty and transparency in all that we do and offer.


Company Benefits


Company benefits are the additional perks and incentives provided to employees besides their regular salary or wages. Here are some of the company benefits Delhomme Animal Clinic offers to eligible employees;

  1. Employee Discounts: Employee discounts are offered on products and services the company or its partners provide, including reduced prices on company products.

  2. Free Kennel Boarding: We offer free kennel boarding to employees with pets to help reduce the stress and cost of finding pet care while on vacation or traveling for work.

  3. Bi-Monthly On-Site Meeting with Mental Health Professionals: Delhomme Animal Clinic offers regular on-site meetings with mental health professionals to help promote employee well-being and mental health. These meetings may include group therapy sessions, stress management workshops, or other resources to help employees manage their mental health.

  4. Four-Day Work Weeks: We offer four-day work weeks o provide employees with more time off and a better work-life balance. This helps reduce stress and burnout and allows for increased productivity and job satisfaction.

  5. Closed Appointment Schedule on Weekends: This benefit provides reception and nursing staff with two consecutive days off every week, typically Saturday and Sunday. This can help employees to maintain a work-life balance and have time for leisure activities. 

  6. Family-Focused Scheduling: This benefit allows employees to have more control over their work schedule to accommodate family needs, such as caring for children or elderly parents.

  7. Paid Sick Days: This benefit provides employees with a set number of paid days off each year to use for illness or medical appointments.

  8. Paid vacation: This benefit provides employees with paid time off to take a vacation or pursue personal interests. It is a valuable perk that helps employees maintain a healthy work-life balance.

  9. Employer match IRA: This benefit allows employees to save for their retirement by contributing to an individual retirement account (IRA). Employers may also match up to 3% of the employee's contributions, providing increased retirement savings, tax benefits, low-cost investment options, employer loyalty, and financial security.

  10. Financial Maternity Support: Delhomme Animal Clinic works hard to offer financial maternity support and when available we provide financial assistance to new mothers who need to take time off work to care for their newborns. This support may include financial assistance during maternity leave or flexible work arrangements.

  11. Lactating Room: We believe that providing a lactation room or private space for nursing mothers helps create a supportive and inclusive work environment. These rooms are equipped with comfortable seating to help new mothers manage their breastfeeding needs while at work.

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