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Meet The Team


Dr. Cole

Dr. Cole Delhomme is a skilled and passionate veterinarian who graduated from LSU School of Veterinary Medicine in 2006. With over 15 years of experience in veterinary medicine,


Dr. Cole has gained a reputation for providing exceptional care to her patients. When she's not busy caring for animals, Dr. Cole enjoys spending time with her family and engaging in a variety of hobbies. She has a green thumb and loves gardening, as well as staying active with activities like running and playing tennis.


Dr. Cole also has a playful side, and she and her husband Jeff enjoy getting into shenanigans with their children James and Jessica, and their family dog Bookie.


Dr. Cole's favorite color is teal, which reflects her love for the ocean and its calming qualities. She finds it important to take time to relax and recharge in order to provide the best care possible for her patients. When it comes to her favorite drink, Dr. Cole enjoys a refreshing glass of Coke Zero. Her love for this beverage is a testament to her appreciation for the little things in life and her ability to find joy in simple pleasures.


Overall, Dr. Cole's dedication to her work and love for her family and hobbies make her a well-rounded and compassionate veterinarian. If you have a pet in need of care, you can trust that Dr. Cole will provide expert veterinary care with a warm and caring approach.



Brandi is a highly experienced veterinary professional and a graduate of Leadership Lafayette Class XXXVI. Originally from Texas, Brandi has been living in Lafayette since 2010 with her two children. She joined Delhomme Animal Clinic in September 2012, and now has over 20 years of experience in the field.


Throughout her career, Brandi has worked in various areas of veterinary medicine, including feline-only practice, shelter medicine, internal medicine/critical care specialty, after-hours emergency, and general practice. She is committed to providing the highest quality care to animals and is passionate about educating pet owners on how to strengthen the human-animal bond.


Brandi is also an active member of her community, serving as Executive Director of local non-profit Acadiana Queer Collective, and an active volunteer of No Waste Lafayette. She owns Sans Paquet, an eco-market and refillery, in downtown Lafayette and is dedicated to promoting sustainability and reducing waste.


A fun fact about Brandi is that she has a Spay & Neuter tattoo, reflecting her passion for animal welfare and dedication to promoting responsible pet ownership. 



Meet Hanna, a dedicated veterinary technician at Delhomme Animal Clinic. Born and raised in Scott, LA, she has been a valued member of the clinic since 2017. Hanna's main responsibilities at the clinic involve caring for surgical and anesthetic patients. She finds her work particularly rewarding because she loves bonding with her patients and learning new things every day.

When she's not at the clinic, Hanna takes on the role of SuperMom to her two children, daughter Addilyn and son Beckett, as well as her four beloved pups, Rhett, Wrangler, Chop, and Ace. She cherishes the time she spends with her family and furry friends.

One of Hanna's favorite desserts is chocolate chip cookie dough, but she also has a fun fact that's sure to impress: she has sat on the world's largest porch swing! This adventurous side of Hanna shines through in her approach to her work, where she always takes on new challenges with enthusiasm and dedication.



Aaron is a dedicated veterinary assistant who has been working in the field since high school. After completing his high school education, Aaron joined Delhomme Animal Clinic and has been working there ever since.

Aaron is known for his stoic yet friendly demeanor. He is always calm, composed, and level-headed, even in the most stressful situations. His ability to stay focused and keep a clear head under pressure has earned him the respect of his colleagues and the trust of his clients.

Aaron's friendly nature makes him popular with both his coworkers and the animals he cares for. He has a way of putting even the most nervous pets at ease, and he takes the time to make sure they are comfortable and well-cared for.

Throughout his years of working as a veterinary assistant, Aaron has gained extensive experience in all aspects of animal care, from administering medications to assisting with surgeries. He is committed to providing the highest quality care for every animal he encounters, and he takes pride in his work.


Emma O

Emma O. is a remarkable individual who excels in multiple roles. As a certified veterinary technician, her dedication and expertise in caring for animals are unmatched. She possesses a deep understanding of their needs, providing them with compassionate care and ensuring their well-being.


Additionally, Emma is a loving mother of two, prioritizing their happiness, growth, and safety. Her attentiveness is truly extraordinary, as she consistently goes above and beyond to meet their needs and create a nurturing environment. Whether it's tending to animals or nurturing her children, Emma's exceptional attention to detail and unwavering commitment make her an invaluable presence in their lives.

Fun Fact: Emma collects unicorns.



Callie is an exceptional addition to the Delhomme Animal Clinic family, bringing with her a wealth of experience and a genuine passion for animals. As the clinic's new receptionist, she is the friendly face that greets both four-legged friends and their human companions.

Beyond her professional role, Callie is a dedicated mom who finds joy in nurturing and caring for her kiddo. Her nurturing nature extends to her work at the clinic, where she treats each furry patient with the utmost compassion and kindness. Whether it's a nervous puppy or a senior cat in need of special attention, Callie's warm and patient demeanor instantly puts them at ease.

In her role as a receptionist, Callie's attention to detail shines through. She is meticulous when it comes to organizing appointments, ensuring that each pet receives the care they need in a timely manner. Her commitment to accuracy and efficiency allows the clinic to run smoothly, guaranteeing that both the staff and the clients can rely on a well-structured and organized environment.

Callie's warm personality, combined with her dedication to her work and her loved ones, make her an invaluable member of the Delhomme Animal Clinic team. Whether she's offering a warm greeting at the front desk or going the extra mile to make someone's day a little brighter, Callie's presence is a true asset to the clinic and the community it serves.



Meet Braelyn, our dedicated and compassionate boarding care technician at Delhomme Animal Clinic. Currently pursuing her undergrad at UL, her goal is to continue to LSU for a degree in veterinary medicine.


Braelyn is a passionate college student with a deep love for animals, particularly horses. Her empathetic and intuitive nature shines through in her interactions with our furry friends.

Her enthusiasm for animal care is evident in every task she undertakes, making her an invaluable addition to our clinic. Braelyn's favorite quote, "Give a girl the right pair of boots and she can conquer the world," perfectly encapsulates her determination and adventurous spirit.


We are thrilled to have Braelyn on board, contributing her skills and love for animals to the Delhomme Animal Clinic family.



Izabella is one of the newest members of the Delhomme Animal Clinic team. As a student at UL, Izabella brings a fresh perspective and a passion for animal care to her work. She's particularly interested in medical cases and loves nothing more than snuggling up with a furry friend.

When it comes to boarding, Izabella understands the importance of enrichment to keep our furry guests happy and healthy. With three dogs and two cats at home, she knows firsthand the joys of being a dedicated pet parent.

In her free time, Izabella loves to treat herself to a caramel frappe and indulge in some self-care. As a Pisces, she's deeply in tune with her emotions and always eager to connect with others.

Izabella's favorite quote, "No one ever made a difference being like everyone else," speaks to her individuality and her desire to make a positive impact in the world. We're thrilled to have her on our team at Delhomme Animal Clinic, and we can't wait to see what she accomplishes in the future.

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