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Hurricane Prep for Pet Owners: Keeping Your Pets Safe!

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Hey Pet Parents!

With the first named hurricane of 2024 on the watch list, we want you and your fur babies to be ready. Here’s a quick guide from Delhomme Animal Clinic on what to pack and how to prepare so you can stay safe and stress-free.

What to Pack for Your Pets


Small Pets: A cozy, soft-sided carrier for cats and small dogs.

Large Dogs: A sturdy portable kennel. Make sure it’s safe and comfy.

Label Everything: Put your pet’s name and your contact info on the carrier.

Food & Water

Pet Food: Pack enough for 2-4 weeks in a resealable container.

Water: Bring bottled water to last the same amount of time.


Medications: At least a 2-4 week supply of your pet’s meds.

Preventatives: Don’t forget flea and heartworm meds.

ID & Vaccinations

Collars & Tags: Every pet needs a collar with an ID tag that has their name and your phone number.

Microchips: They’re lifesavers if your pet gets lost.

Vaccination Records: Have these on hand, just in case.

Sanitation Supplies

For Cats: Bring a litter box, litter, and trash bags.

Cleaning Supplies: Towels, newspapers for crate lining, baby wipes, and disinfecting wipes.

Other Must-Haves

Leashes, Bowls: Pack leashes, food, and water bowls.

Extra Labels: Have spare ID tags and contact info labels.

Pet First Aid Kit: For those just-in-case moments.

Exotic Pets: Don’t forget their entire habitat, heat lamps, and extension cords.


Keep everything in a large, sealed container to stay organized and dry.

For more deets, check out LSART and grab the AVMA's "Saving the Whole Family" pamphlet.

How Delhomme Animal Clinic Helps You Prep

We’re all about keeping your pets happy and healthy! Got questions? Shoot us an email or text anytime. And don’t forget, our PetPage App has all your pet’s medical and prescription info at your fingertips.

The PetPage app is available for download today!

Update your information, request refills, and request appointments – even when our office is closed. Easy registration and login process. Pet ID you can customize and share. Set up and receive in-app notifications and reminders.

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Stay safe out there, and remember, Delhomme Animal Clinic has your back—and your pet’s back too!

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