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Dalmatian Dog
Daytime veterinary urgent care services are crucial for promptly addressing urgent health concerns in animals during regular business hours. By providing immediate care, we can help stabilize animals in critical condition, alleviate pain, and prevent the worsening of their condition.


Appointment or Walk In

When your pet requires urgent care, you can either call ahead for an appointment or head straight to Delhomme Animal Clinic as a walk-in patient. It is advisable to call in advance to allow time to prepare.


Once your pet's condition has been assessed, a veterinarian will conduct a thorough examination. They will ask about medical history, assess vital signs, and perform diagnostic tests, such as bloodwork or X-rays, if necessary. Your doctor will focus on identifying and stabilizing any life-threatening conditions.


Throughout the process, we will communicate with you, explaining the diagnosis, treatment options, and associated costs. We will answer any questions you may have and provide updates on the animal's progress.


Upon arrival, a veterinary technician or assistant will perform a quick assessment of the animal's condition to determine the urgency of the situation. This step helps prioritize cases based on severity, ensuring that the most critical patients receive immediate attention.


In some cases, your pet's condition may require specialized care or procedures that are beyond the scope of daytime urgent care. In such situations, your veterinarian may refer you to a specialized hospital or veterinarian who can provide the necessary expertise or equipment.

Payment Options

We believe that quality veterinary care should be as accesible as possible for every pet parent. We offer a variety of payment option for our clients.

Delhomme has always been there for my pets needs/illnesses. They are thorough and very kind. Felix loves these ladies!

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