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5 Secrets for New Puppy Owners

Updated: Aug 25, 2022


You have a new puppy and that means WE HAVE A NEW PUPPY (patient) too! So of course we want to let you in on all the Delhomme Animal Clinic puppy secrets!!

Not-so-secret-secret #1

The bordetella vaccine is an oral vaccine that we usually dip in cheese!

Pups need 4 different visits for vaccinations, spaced about 3 weeks apart. We will booster them to build up their immunities to things like Parvo, Leptospirosis, Rabies & Bordetella to name a few. Vaccines can be scary for anyone, so we use all the very tastiest treats to help distract them from the little injection. We also use a hyper-filtered vaccine that is half the volume of traditional vaccines. Less volume means less discomfort. Find out all about the vaccines we use HERE.

Not-so-secret-secret #2

We will ask you to bring your pup in once a month for the first year to check their weight AND to visit all their DAC friends for treats and hugs.

These vaccine-free visits help us build happy memories with your pup that can last a lifetime. Heartworm preventions USUALLY also come with some intestinal parasite protections and sometimes even flea prevention. We’ll get the new baby-dog all set up on a prevention, which they will take every month forever and ever. Learn more about heartworms and why we make such a big deal about it HERE.

Not-so-secret-secret #3

We can help you set up pet food autoship directly from the manufacturer.

Puppy food shelves can be overwhelming. Knowing which brands are formulated by veterinary nutritionists and tested by reputable laboratories isn’t always crystal clear. How much food, how often to feed and when to switch life stages are all questions we are here to help with. Our favorite foods are Hill’s Science Diet, Royal Canin and Purina Pro Plan.Get your auto-ship on HERE.

Not-so-secret-secret #4

We put peanut butter on the bathtub wall to keep puppies distracted and happy during bath time.

Now is the time to start teaching your pup to enjoy basic grooming. Some breeds need more maintenance than others (we are looking at YOU, Floofy Poofs) but everyone should get the hang of baths, nail trims, ear cleaning and toothbrushing. Go slow, praise and use yummy treats when your new pup is letting you play with their paws and ears. Fear Free has put together a “sPaw Day” webinar for you HERE.

Not-so-secret-secret #5

We recommend training classes to young puppies AND adult dogs.

During your first new puppy visit you’re definitely going to learn all about our favorite dog trainers in Acadiana, but even if your first visit is a newly adopted adult dog we are still going to send you home with the info. Not only will you learn important stuff like sit & stay, you’ll learn how to keep your pup from bolting through open doors, how to keep them from jumping on or hurting anyone. BUT what you’ll learn that is most important is, spending time engaging with your dog as a family will strengthen the bond you have with your newest family member and THAT is why we do what we do here at Delhomme Animal Clinic. We are here to keep your pet healthy for a looooooong time so that you can enjoy the human-animal bond with your best friend way into their gertiatric, grey muzzle years. Pssst…. Old & new dogs CAN learn new tricks y’all.

We are so happy to have you and your new puppy as part of our Delhomme Animal Clinic family.

We hope these secrets make it easy for you to provide the best care for your pets. Please don't hesitate to call with any questions or concerns.

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