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Top 5 Favorite Holiday Pet Moments

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Christmas Sweaters + Pet Costumes

Is everyone else dressing their pets up for their family photos?

(Related question: Is Delhomme Animal Clinic on your Christmas card list?)

Playing with cousins (human + pet)

Does anything bring joy to a holiday gathering more than kids and pets running underfoot?

Stuffing their stockings with favorite treats

We think picking out toys and treats for our furry friends is just as much fun as picking the gifts for the kids.

Drive thru for a latte and a Puppuccino

Any excuse for a latte, amirite?

Photos with Santa

Join us Wednesday December 15th and Wednesday December 22nd for some fun Santa photos here in the clinic. Each $5 donation will go to a cause of your choice, and you will get a digital copy of your pet's Santa photo straight to your inbox.

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